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Exclusive properties are not on the market.
And that is where our expertise lies.

Nowadays, not all of the properties that are available can be seen by just anyone. Many attractive properties just don’t appear on the market at all. Thanks to the links to wealthy families, family offices and private asset management companies that we have built up over many years, we know about these exclusive favourites that are closely-guarded secrets.

This means that we can open up outstanding investment opportunities for you with options for individual family circumstances and communities of heirs.

Our style:

In our profession, the action takes place behind the scenes. So as far as we’re concerned, communication and expertise go hand in hand with the utmost discretion. Our clients entrust us with transactions where a quiet change of ownership is required, for example with the sale and purchase of property, whether it’s private or commercial. Give us a call and we can discuss your intentions.

Our style: Discretion

Who we are

We specialize in the whole package.
And have an eye for detail.

Christoph Hertwig comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He took over the job and responsibility of running the company at an early age, while he was still studying business administration and economics.

He has now been working in the property sector for 20 years and can draw on a wealth of knowledge of business management, working on projects and structuring complex processes.

As an advisor who is on his client’s side and thanks to his extensive contacts with prominent entrepreneurial families, he is able to arrange properties discreetly and professionally. He sees himself as a generalist and a curator of values.

We draw on a wealth of knowledge

What we can do

Are you looking for your ideal property?
The way to find it is to have the ideal advice.

Are there projects where we can support you? Our personal guidance is divided into four sets of skills.

Regional expertise: If you’re buying a property in upper Bavaria then you’re in the right place with our Isarwinkel Properties brand. We are also happy to arrange for you any opportunities that are off-market.

Evaluation: When assessing your properties and projects, we can advise you on investments, creating building rights and also provide complete project management.

Representation: We can represent you as a managing director with property companies, representing your interests and handling structured procedures competently.

Raising capital: We are happy to advise you on the fund-raising options that are available.

We handle structured procedures competently

How we are connected

Our network is based on a simple formula:
Top-level contacts with top-level people.

Complex processes do not just require a commitment that understands your needs, they also need a broad network of competent partners at a regional, national and international level that have a focus on property investments.

At home in German-speaking countries.

Our network includes project developers, portfolio holders, banks, family offices, asset management companies, lawyers, project managers as well as private and institution-based investors.

regional • national • international
How we do things

Values work best together:
Our value network.

The work we do is based on many values from expertise and discretion through to service.

That is our responsibility.

Expertise and discretion
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Your projects are in good hands.
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